Tibet Protester

Tibet Protester
A man is taken away by Nepali police during a Tibetan protest outside of the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu.

World Peace Pagoda

World Peace Pagoda
This is a holy site for Buddhists on top of a hillside over looking the Pokhara Valley, about seven hours west of Kathmandu. It is believed Buddha came to this hilltop to find enlightenment,

Tibetan Flags

Tibetan Flags
Rows of the flags waved over the film festival on the June 6th. Almost everyday in Kathmandu, Tibetan protesters are arrested outside of the China Embassy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2nd assignment

Although this assignment was in two languages I didn't understand, I learned soo much in the two hours I was there writing and shooting. I got totally ripped off by a cab driver as well! Ahh you live and learn...

Cartooning class for deaf students

by Tess McEnroe

A cartooning instruction class was held at the National Campus of Balkumari, Lalitpur this Monday for 27 deaf students to introduce them to creative and visual job opportunities in the future.

National Campus Principal, Sarah Giri, a sign language specialist, interpreted for the deaf students as guest lecturer and cartoonist, Yogesh Khapangi, spoke in Nepali. The goal of the class was to give the deaf community an example of a vocational option, and help them see art in different ways.

"We organized this program as a step towards social inclusion for deaf students in academics," said Giri.

The deaf culture is a visual one, according to Giri, and forms of art such as painting and cartooning, for example, give the deaf more advantages in the visual communication world.

Khapangi specializes in cartoons, graphics and illustrations and is also the Vice President of Cartoonists' Club of Nepal (CCON). Giri invited him to lecture because he can be a role model for deaf students and the deaf community. During his hour and a half lecture, Khapangi displayed the basics of how to draw a human figure, and when to use the proper materials, such as sketching pencils and markers.

The students participated, interacted, and got to practice cartooning and drawing techniques with the pencils and sketch books that they were allowed to keep.

"This is not for entertainment, the deaf have enriched my life, so I am trying to enrich theirs," concluded Giri.

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